Building Better Quotes

QuoteMyGoods an online system that helps contractors source and compare the best deals for building materials.

QuoteMyGoods is an online system that helps contractors source and compare the best deals for building materials and supplies.

The project led to a simple email fulfilment system which allows merchants to reply to quote requests by simply adding the latest prices for requested materials.

QuoteMyGoods then takes the best prices creating a new quote, allowed confirmation to multiple merchants for a single order. The system found savings as high as 52%.

My Role

I worked with the QuoteMyGoods team to design the product from the ground up. I designed the branding, website, marketing material and the web application.


Competitive Analysis: We took time to review competitors and similar concepts. Developing an understanding of our landscape and environment.

Site visits: Visiting a range of national and local merchants.

Builder Interviews: We visited a builders cafe and spoke with contractors.

Collaborative Design: Identifying key pages for the service and progressed into low fidelity pen and paper sketches. Allowing the team to capture ideas and debate ideas quickly.

Online Survey: Created a landing page signing up interesting parties.

Merchant key findings:

  1. A majority supplied quotes by email.
  2. Limited pricing visibility, pricing on request.
  3. Changes in material prices were frequent.

Contractor Findings:

  1. Storing materials for future jobs.
  2. Merchant loyalty re-using the same merchant/s.
  3. Finding saving was a problem.

QuoteMyGoods Site Map

Site mapping the architecture.

QMG Homepage

Homepage (left) and pricing page (right).

Sign Up

Sign In form (left) registration (right).

Default User Dashboard (left) and populated with data (right).

Creating a new quote.

Rebar quote return summary showing merchant price returns and summary of savings.

Confirmation of a quote.

Quotes list.

Adding Merchants to an account.

User Account launch version (left) and a later update (right).

QuoteMyGoods Site Map

Logo Colour Usage

Colour palette for the logo.

QuoteMyGoods Colour Palette

Primary & Secondary Colours

Green symbolises growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. With a strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is also commonly associated with money.

QuoteMyGoods Typography


Primary (left) and secondary (right) fonts.

Sketch Library

UI Library

Library of user interface elements created in Sketch.

Responsive Navigation


Responsive navigation views.

Performance Graphs

Performance Graphs



Pricing Tables

Pricing Tables



Default screens experiments

Icon Library

Homepage Versions


Launch version (left) and a later update (right).

Homepage Versions

Pricing Page

Launch version (left) and a later update (right).

Mobile view.

Mobile view.

Mobile view design detail.

Desktop, tablet and mobile dashboard.

Mobile view.

Early Concept Work (Not Used).

“We cannot thank Jay enough for his enthusiasm and dedication he has shown to help make QuoteMyGoods a success.”John Long, CEO | Craig Coney, Founder |