An e-commerce service offering freshly cooked chef prepared takeaway food in your local area.

Cooks2you provided an easy and convenient service enabling customers to order freshly cooked chef prepared takeaway food for either delivery or collection in convenient locations for the chefs and customers.

The responsive e-commerce solution allowed customers to order food from available Chef’s within their postcode.

Each Chef controlled their own menus and availability via their account.

My Role

I worked with Cooks2you to design the product from the ground up. I designed the branding and website. Overseeing the project from concept to completion.


We began the project with a full-day design and discovery team workshop.

Competitive Analysis: We took time to review competitors and similar concepts. Developing an understanding of our landscape and environment.

Collaborative Design: The second part of the day focused on identifying key pages within the service and progressed into low fidelity pen and paper sketches. Allowing the team to capture ideas and debate ideas quickly.

Online Survey: We set up a landing page early in the process to allow customers and chefs to sign up to the service. This offered us an early set of interested users to survey and test the product with.

We pinned down 2 primary user types we would need to cater for the project to get started.

  1. New customers who would like to find out more and get started.
  2. Chefs who would like to cook for cooks2you.

Axure iteration 1

Iteration 1.0

The first iteration of the product listing page based on sketches from the collaborative design workshop.

Axure iteration 2

Iteration 1.1

After testing a postcode search was added to allow dishes to be searched in current area.

Axure iteration 3

Iteration 2.0

After re-testing the wireframe the layout was updated to a three column structure to allow for better content choreography and implement a responsive pattern for off-canvas navigation.

Axure iteration 3 Menu Display

Product Display Wireframe


Pinterest Moodboard

Exploring the creative direction using a pinterest moodboard to record direction. The above is a screenshot of the chosen direction.

Logo Idea Development

Early Logo Development

Initial Logo ideas and development.

Colour palette for the logo.

Logo Colour Usage

Colour palette for the logo.

Primary & Secondary Colours

Colour Palette

Primary (left) and secondary (right) colour palettes.



Primary (left) and secondary (right) fonts.

Social Links

Social Links

Hand-drawn social media icons. Elements throughout the design were hand-drawn to help visually communicate the design concept.


Postcode Search

Early designs experimenting with the chalk and blackboard approach.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Empty and populated states (left) and final (right) design.

Product Teaser

Product Teaser

Product teaser layout.

Chef Profile

Chef Profile

Playful early designs (left) and the final design (right).

Index and Product page

Product Listings

Visual design for Iteration 2.0 of the product listings wireframe.

Index and Product page

Product Detail

Visual design for the product display wireframe.

Index and Product page

Update Profile

Page for allowing the Chef the ability to update their profile.

Index and Product page


Page displaying orders and status of orders.

Index and Product page

Menu Management

Page for Chefs to manage their menus.

“From the word go Jay was a brilliant support network, bringing life to my idea to identifying business needs. Jay being very creatively talented, was able to design with efficiency and reflect ideas and the vision for the site.”Jenna Johnson | Founder